Tour de Force

Tour de Force (TDF) is a new generation sound system collective hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Founded by beat maker/vocalist Jay Spaker aka “Double Tiger” and sound system operator/selector Quoc Pham aka DJ Q-Mastah, TDF is rooted in the tradition of Jamaican sound systems while keeping an eye to the future. Inspired by their iconic 15,000 watts handcrafted wooden speaker stack, TDF’s productions combine elements of dub, hip hop and electronica, often featuring collaborations with established vocalists and MCs such as Brother Culture, Ranking Joe, Luciano and Jahdan Blakkamoore.

In 2012, the duo created Dub-Stuy Records as an outlet for their music and other multi faceted projects. Through their record label, Tour de Force has worked relentlessly to champion the culture and craft of sound systems in New York and beyond. In just over a few years, they have established themselves as one of the pillar of the US underground bass music scene and have forged a reputation as vanguards behind the resurgence and development of dub and sound system culture in America.

Following a string of single and maxi releases on their own label, 2014 saw the release of Tour de Force’s critically acclaimed debut album “Battle Cry”. With righteous horn lines, trance-inducing dub echoes and powerful skanks underpinned by heavy lines of pulsating bass, the 10-Track LP introduced their unique style to the dub world and stands as a musical manifesto to their ambition of connecting the dots between old and new. Inspired by the positive response to Battle Cry, they then mobilized an international dream team of producers such as DJ Madd, Dubmatix and Brain Damage to remix their work for a follow up release “Battle Cry Remixed”.

To support the release of both Battle Cry and Battle Cry Remixed, Tour de Force embarked on a tour spanning three continents and culminating with a feature appearance at the prestigious Telerama Dub Festival in Paris, playing to a crowd of over four thousand. Tour de Force’s live performance features live dubbing, explosive vocal performances and a unique selection of exclusive dubplate productions. Expect big basslines that will surely rattle your walls!

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