String Up The Sound EP

Dub-Stuy Records welcomes a new artist to its ranks, California’s Dubamine. The young producer has been active since 2009, with a string of digital-only releases, and String Up The Sound marks his vinyl debut with four tracks that trace direct links between roots, reggae, hip-hop, and bass music. The EP features the vocal talents of Jamaica’s Blackout JA, London’s Brother Culture, a long-standing voice in the sound system community, and DC-based Carlton Livingston, a Jamaican legend best known for his work with the Greensleeves and Jah Life labels. String Up The Sound is a meeting of styles and generations.

The EP’s three vocal tracks — ‘Nicodemus’, ‘String Up The Sound’, and ‘Good Morning Jamaica’ — offer sureshot summertime anthems with memorable hooks over production that blends the best of DMZ’s eyes-down philosophy with vocal-driven contemporary dub reggae in the vein of Mungo’s Hi Fi. The release is completed by the instrumental ‘Murda Style’, a subtle and powerful forward riddim inspired by dub techno and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Rhythm & Sound. This debut by Dubamine combines bass weight, legendary voices, and sound system aesthetics to please multiple generations of bass-loving fans.

Format: vinyl, digital.
Catalogue Number: DS-EP002.
Release date: June 24, 2016.


1. Nicodemus ft. Blackout JA
2. String Up The Sound ft. Brother Culture
3. Good Morning Jamaica ft. Carlton Livingston
4. Murda Style