The track was recorded in January of 2020 when the Dub-Stuy crew linked up with Mikey General and Luciano at the infamous Mixing Labs studio in Kingston, Jamaica. After hearing the riddim for the first time, the pair penned the structure and lyrics to the song in minutes, leading to a dynamic recording session that saw “Redemption” finished in only a few hours. With infectious hooks and soaring harmonies, Luciano and Mikey General trade off verses, taking turns to call for the return of good music, harkening back to the golden era of roots music.

To bring “Redemption” to life, Raatid Magic Films set out to capture the energy and spirit of sound system culture, staging the video in an outdoor dancehall in Jamaica, complete with selectors, forwards and flames shooting in the air. Luciano and Mikey General perform the song to an ecstatic crowd of young and old alike, uplifting the nation and reminding us that music builds community and unites all. Answer 2021 Riddim is out now!