Marijuana Burns Capitalism SP

Long Island, New York’s Blind Prophet makes his debut on Dub-Stuy Records alongside the vocal talents of Tenor Youthman, one of the founders of Russia’s Lion Posse sound system. ‘Marijuana Burns Capitalism’ is a deep and meditative social statement sure to move the dance and stimulate the heads.

On ‘Marijuana Burns Capitalism’, Blind Prophet lays down a solid riddim, with a deep driving bassline and a bubbly harpsichord skank, for Tenor Youthman to sing about the liberating properties of hemp in fighting the evils of mass production and capitalism. The result is a simple and effective cut backed by a sparse dub that lets the drums and bass roll out to full effect.

The flip side sees Florence’s Numa Crew deliver their own fire for the dance with another straight to the chest dub version that focuses on the bassline and Tenor’s unique vocal style.

A 12” for the massive that continues the uplifting sound system music Dub-Stuy is known for.

Format: vinyl, digital.
Catalogue Number: DS-SP008.
Release date: September 22, 2017.


1. Blind Prophet ft. Tenor Youthman – Marijuana Burns Capitalism
2. Bling Prophet – Dub Burns Capitalism
3. Numa Crew Burns Capitalism