When: October 12, 2013
Venue: The Paper Box
Address: 17 Meadow St 11206 Brooklyn

+ Roommate

Roommate (Justin McCauley) has a musical career that can be described as prolific and ever changing. His tireless efforts in both production and DJ’ing have currently brought him to the forefront of the worldwide bass music community. He is the brain behind celebrated labels Hollow Point, King Dubbist and Avocaudio. Focusing on huge vibes and stellar production, these labels span from Dubstep to Trip­hop to Reggae, fusing and encompassing Roommate’s broad and compelling love for musical freshness. With over a decade of solid DJ’ing and countless original production releases, Roommate has secured his title on an international scale.

+ Digitaldubs

Established in 2001 in Rio de Janeiro, Digitaldubs is the most respected dub Sound System in Brazil, continually building a strong international reputation through their record label Muzamba. Digitaldubs’ productions and remixes can also be found on labels such as ROIR, Universal Egg, Rough Trade, Wordsound and Man Recordings. In Rio de Janeiro, their parties in the favela of Vidigal or the “dub carnival” in the old center of the city are some of the most notorious events in the brazilian underground bass music scene.

+ Chuk Le Garcon

Ranging from introspectively soulful, to jazzy boom­bap, to ambient Lo­fi, to turnt­up, 808­laden trap, Chuk Le Garçon blurs the lines between them all. Producing songs for indie raps elite like Worlds Fair, B.I.C, Moruf, Fresh Daily and ScienZe is just part of the blueprint for his agenda of letting the world hear his versatility. Carefully as selective about his music as he is with his art, he’s painstakingly specific about his visual aesthetic and does the photography and layout for all his music releases. As one of the founders of Brooklyn’s “Beat Haus” producer showcase, he’s currently prepping his debut High Water Music release and a tour through Europe as a supporting act for Fresh Daily & ScienZe.

+ 187 Sound

Damian Ashton, aka 187 Sound, got his start DJing on a local pirate radio station in his home town, Santa Cruz, CA. At the time, 187 Sound was focused on Dancehall and Hip Hop, which soon motivated him from the radio waves into the club. Around the same time, 187 Sound was introduced to UK Grime and 2 step, as well as the developing sounds of Dubstep. In 2007 he Co­founded one of the first north­California dubstep crews, Subwize, where they threw renegade parties and hosted club nights featuring guest appearances. 187 Sound has shared the stage and played at festivals with acts such as Benga, Skream, DJ G, Djunia Antiserum, Matty G, Bakir and more.