Brooklyn in Dub Vol. 2

Dub-Stuy Records wraps up 2018 with Brooklyn in Dub Vol. 2, the second compilation bringing together tracks from its SP singles series. Vol. 2 includes a very special UKG VIP by DJ Madd and three previously unavailable instrumentals alongside tracks from four previously released singles. All for the price of a 12″ vinyl.

Brooklyn in Dub Vol.2 features Dub-Stuy regulars DJ Madd, bringing a slice of future dancefloor vibes with ‘Dub Champion,’ and Bukkha, who also ramps the energy with his much loved Killa P collab ‘Death Chat.’ Alongside them is new Dub-Stuy artist Blind Prophet, with two vocal collaborations on ‘Marijuana Burns Capitalism’ alongside Russia’s Tenor Youthman and on ‘Rastaman Chat’ alongside London veteran Ras Demo. On the remix front we have Numa Crew from Italy dubbing out Tenor Youthman and FLeCK bringing some drum & bass action to Rastaman Chat.

Join us for another celebration of Dub-Stuy’s soundsystem music vision. Brooklyn in Dub Vol.2 is only available on Bandcamp and features the previously unavailable instrumental versions for ‘Death Chat’, ‘Marijuana Burns Capitalism’ and ‘Rastaman Chat’ as well as the UKG VIP of ‘Dub Champion.’

Format: digital.
Catalogue Number: DS-PK002.
Release date: December 17, 2018.


All tracks from SP007 to SP010 + the instrumental versions of ‘Death Chat’, ‘Marijuana Burns Capitalism’ and ‘Rastaman Chat’ and the UKG VIP of ‘Dub Champion.’