Dub-Stuy is on Bandcamp with vinyl, merch, and digital exclusives

Dub-Stuy is proud to announce that we have joined Bandcamp, the number one selling platform for independent musicians and labels worldwide.

Bandcamp now replaces our previous store and we hope the switch will help make it easier for you to find what you need.

The Dub-Stuy Bandcamp page contains all our releases, in vinyl and digital formats (high quality), as well as our growing merchandise line featuring various tee-shirt designs. By using Bandcamp you are purchasing directly from us and in doing so you re supporting us in the most direct way possible. Other shops and platforms, such as iTunes, Juno, and Spotify, take a greater cut of your payments. Obviously not everyone shops in the same place, and we appreciate any support and make our music available on all shops and platforms, but if you use Bandcamp be sure to follow us there.

Visit us now on Bandcamp!

Since its launch in 2007, Bandcamp has become the most reliable platform for independents worldwide by connecting fans directly to the creators of the music. In the process, fans have paid over 149 million dollars to artists.

Every week Bandcamp features a radio show of music available on the site as well as favourite releases, reviews, and features on artists. So if you’re new to it, we recommend getting stuck in.