• Behind the Label: Bent Backs Records

    From Rennes to Brooklyn: champions of the digital revival

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  • Riddimology 101: Essential Cuts of the "He Prayed" Riddim

    Tracing the history of classic riddims, one version at a time

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  • Babylon Falling

    Tracing the relationship between sound systems and protest movements

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Behind The Label: Bent Backs Records

Behind The Label explores the many record labels in the global sound system community and the stories behind them. Big and small, everyone has a story about the music they love; Our first installment is an interview with Lo Gautier of Bent Backs Records, the label behind Jonny Go Figure's 2019 smash hit "Vinyl Lover." Starting in 2009 as a sound system crew in the city of Rennes, France, Bent Backs since relocated to New York, turning into a fully fledged record label championing the 80s digital reggae revival sound.

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Babylon Falling: 60 Years of Resistance in Sound System Culture

Tracing the history and relationship between sound system culture and protest movements.

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